Mike Carton (Trombonist/Bandleader)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Mike Kemp and I first met in 1988. I contacted him to join me, in a project in Ireland at short notice, on the recommendation of Brian FitzGerald who at that time was MD of the BBC Northern Radio Orchestra.We have remained partners since. Mike’s input on that and subsequent occasions was invaluable. He and I, have, over the years been involved in many interesting endeavours, none of which would have had the same degree of success without the inclusion of this quite remarkable musician and incredible human being.. He is in my opinion the epitome of what jazz musicians should strive to be — creative, contributory and well-versed in all those forms of the Art that should be in the arsenal of any professional performer. His talents will need no further explanation from me , or anyone else, should you be fortunate enough to have him in your domain. Mike Carton” August 16, 2011

Peter Gill (The Jazz Agency)

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

“From the first time I hired Mike Kemp as a Jazz pianist in 1999 I respected his detailed and deep knowledge of jazz music, His piano playing is inventive and his arrangements bring out the best in the other musicans. Mike is always punctual in fact always early for the gigs such is his eagerness to do a good job., It goes without saying that he is trustworthy and reliable.”  Peter Gill August 16, 2011

Malcolm Connell (Singer, Freelance Musician)

“Mike Kemp is a serious, dedicated professional musician who I’ve had the pleasure to work with on a number of occasions. Mike is able to compile charts and create arrangements for all instruments and is an able and talented Musical Director. As an experienced musician Mike is always ready to offer inspired creative support and I’ve always found him to be a receptive and able collaborator. I would highly recommend Mike for any post which calls for exceptional musicality, spontaneity and an ability to guide things creatively.” Malcolm Connell August 19, 2011

Annie Davies (Bandleader, Molly Toff and The Cocktails, vocals,clarinet, alto & tenor saxes

“I have had such wonderful times playing with Mike as his musicianship and ability to support me to perform my best has made our music really appreciated by our clients. His sense of humour and willingness to go out of his way to be helpful have made him not only a great person to play with but also a good friend!” Annie Davies October 5, 2011

Tony Rundle (Singer & Bandleader)

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“I have worked with Mike on several occasions (I’m a singer) and he is great as both a keyboard player in his own right and as an accompanist. Highly recommended.” August 16, 2011

Mark Stevens (Producer/Presenter Piano and All That Jazz)

There is a  delightful quality to Mike’s music and the term that comes to mind is old school. It was a pleasure featuring Mike on my program and I’m looking forward to more musicfrom him.”

April 2012

Allan Hailstone

I have known Mike Kemp on and off for over fifty years. Anyone who gets Mike to work for him or her will be lucky.

"There is a delightful quality to Mike's music and the term that comes to mind is old school. It was a pleasure featuring Mike on my program and I'm looking forward to more music from him."

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